Like Dancing About Architecture

Writing about fashion is like dancing about architecture.  No, I think I got that quote wrong, but the sentiment holds up.  Fashion is constantly moving forward, eating its young, killing its father, and reinventing itself every hour on demand.  The nature of it means that anything written about fashion will soon be yesterdays useless newspaper, consigned to the scrap heap of last year’s whatever, and not worth the paper it’s printed on.

We must look to the future to bring reasonable writing to the world of fashion, and we must use technology to bring forth abundant and consistent volume of content that can be called up via a quick search, or a notional interest in the most minute detail.  If you build it… they will come, but only for a time….

Icons come, and icons go.



Looking For Shoe Deals?

Fashionable shoes are easy to find, but the most current styles are hard to afford.  On this site we are going to write about shoes and try our best to bring you information that will help locate the best deals on shoes around the web, in addition to fashion advice, news, gossip, and all types of discussion on the web about the subject of shoes.

When we recommend a product, you’ll know it’s because we researched it, and looked around the web for people talking about it.  We want to bring you not only the best products, but the most DISCUSSED products in the world of fashion footwear.


Why the Amazon Links?

Many people don’t give Amazon it’s due. They are by far the largest online retailer for all types of products including shoes. I’ve researched pricing across many brands and many retail sites, and more often than not, Amazon has the best pricing for shoes in all categories. Whether it’s authentic UGGs or dressy Choos, Amazon sells everything at discounts that you don’t see everywhere else. That’s why I like to promote them, and offer reviews both here and on the Amazon site.

Click any of the product links to shop Amazon, or explore this site more to see the reviews of the shoes.